Website Help

Creating your Account

To create your account, begin by clicking on the "New User" link.

Image of New User Link

Fill in your account details. Be sure to use a valid email address. You will be able to edit this information later if needed.

Once you have completed the registration form, you must activate your account before you can log in.

Activating your Account

Check your email at the account you used when registering. You may need to check your Spam or Bulk mail folder to find the message.

Click the link in the email message that was sent to you.

Your account is now active. Click the button to return to the login page, and log in using your email address and the password you provided.

Resetting your Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. To do this, click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.

Image of Forgot Password Link

Enter your email address and click 'Submit'. Check you email at the email address you entered. Be sure to check your Spam or Bulk mail folder.

The email you receive will contain a new password. Return to the website and log in with your new password.

After logging in, you should change your password to something easier to remember. You can do this by managing your account information.

Managing your Account Information

After you have logged in successfully, click the 'Manage Account' link on the upper-right of the screen to manage your account information.

Image of Manage Account link

To change your name, jurisdiction, municipality, or user type, change he information in the 'User Information' section, and click the 'Update User Information' button.

Image of User Info edit box

To change your password, first enter your existing password in the 'Password' field in the 'Change Password' section. Next, enter your new password in the 'New Password' field, and enter your new password again in the 'Confirm New Password' field. Finally, click the 'Change Password' button.

Image of Change Password box

Viewing the Course Material

After you've logged in, you will be presented with a list of available course modules. Each module consists of a brief description of the module's contents, links to the course material (in PDF format), and a link to take the review.

Begin by clicking on the link to the course material PDF document. Read through the course material, and when you have read all of the course material for a section, you may take the review.

Image of link to Module PDF

Taking the Review

After you have read the course material, you will be ready to complete the review questions. Click the 'Take the Review' link at the bottom of the section.

Image of link to Module Review

You will be presented with 5 multiple choice questions. Select an answer for each question, then click the 'Check Answers' button.

Image of Check Answers button

The correct answer for each question will be highlighted in green. A brief explanation will be displayed after each question.

Click the 'Return to Module List' button to return to the module list.

Image of Return to Module List button

Completing the Course

A section is completed by answering the review questions. When a section has been completed, the yellow dot on the right hand side of the section title Pending indicator will change to a green check mark Complete indicator, and the section contents will be hidden. (To view the section material or take the review again after completing a section, simply click the section's title bar to show the section contents again.)

Once you have completed all of the sections, a checkbox will be displayed at the top of the page for you to certify that you have completed the course. Check the checkbox, and click the 'Verify Course Completion' button. A certificate will be sent to you via email.

Image of course completion verification checkbox and button